Brain Repair Is Our Mission

Novel therapies for neuropathic pain and devastating disorders of the nervous system

About Us

Sinfonia Biotherapeutics is a clinical stage company motivated by the need to transform the treatments of patients suffering from pain and devastating neurological diseases.

Building on an innovative tradition in science with deep roots in the Karolinska institute, we develop next generation biotherapeutics.

We have footprints in both Sweden and US to facilitate our global presence, research collaborations, and partnering to deliver value for patients and investors

What we do

What we do makes perfect sense

More than 130 million people suffer from neuropathic pain, epilepsy or neurodegenerative disorders, conditions that literally rob people’s lives. Today’s treatments are either inadequate or non-existing and the extent of human suffering cannot be described with words.



Precision from patient to treatment

Millions of years of evolution can hardly be wrong. We develop precise biotherapeutics based on human proteins that through the evolution have been optimized for neuronal repair and function.

Our reparative biotherapeutics are tailored for disease subtypes diagnosed by biomarkers, pathology and genetics.

The biotherapeutics are delivered either by injection or locally by an implantable proprietary gene therapy device to facilitate the most efficient treatment of the disease.


New Generations Biotherapeutics

Our clinical candidate NeuRepair targets neuropathic pain with a novel mechanism and has demonstrated promising efficacy in patients suffering from painful lumbar radiculopathy, PLR (sciatica).

NeuRepair is poised to become the first-in-class therapy for neuropathic pain affecting millions of patients.

Based on recombinant biologics and our proprietary gene therapy device platform, we have generated a pipeline of additional reparative products in preclinical development for multiple indications including Epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease.

NeuRepair consists of a formulation of the sensory survival and regenerative factor Neublastin (NBN). During the nervous system development, NBN supports the growth, differentiation, and function of sensory neurons. By readministering NBN in conditions of diseased sensory neurons, including PLR and PDN, we leverage the natural reparative mechanism of NBN to repair injured sensory neurons, restore sensory function, and to alleviate the pain.


More than 35 million patients suffer from sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL), a condition frequently impacting people’s ability to socialize, work and to live normal lives. SNHL develops in response to damage of the sensory hair cells and nerve pathways of the inner ear that sense and transmit sound to the brain. Building on the direct implantation in the cochlea, we have developed a gene therapy device that complements and expands the therapeutic scope for many patients currently with suboptimal treatment options. Encouraged by the therapeutic effects obtained in preclinical models EarRepair has entered preclinical safety studies to prepare for clinical translation.


Epilepsy affects tens of millions of individuals worldwide and is characterized by debilitating seizures, cognitive decline, and psychiatric disorders. A significant portion of epilepsies in adults originate focally from temporal lobe structures. These TLEs cannot be cured and one third of all patients do not respond to pharmacological treatment. Even when effective at reducing seizures, the currently available drugs typically cause significant unwanted side effects. Because of the focal nature of TLE, EC devices can target the anatomical structures and secrete potent antiepileptic biologics. Sinfonia’s EC-GDNF devices have shown strong antiepileptic effects in animal models of TLE and are associated with cognitive improvements and no evidence of side effects.


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